The Foundation at Menorah Park is a source of funding for programs and services that benefit the residents on our campus. In addition to the satisfaction received from supporting the elderly in our community, donors to the Foundation are
eligible for income tax deductions and other tax incentives that exist under
federal and state laws.

Foundation Board of Directors

Warren Wolfson, President
Jeffrey Berman
Joseph Greenman
Jon Maloff
David Newman
Anne Ruffer
Jeffrey Scheer
Lynn Smith
Ellen Weinstein

Supporting Menorah Park

Gifts of any magnitude are always gratefully accepted. If you would like to make a contribution today please click here to make an online donation orĀ mail a check to:

The Foundation at Menorah Park
Hodes Way
4101 East Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13214

If you have any questions regarding a donation or if you would like information on making
a contribution of goods or services, please contact Susie DrazenĀ at (315) 446-9111 x141.
To assure our donors have full confidence in our organization, The Foundation at Menorah Park subscribes to the ideals and services outlined in the nationally recognized Donor Bill
of Rights.

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