As part of our commitment to integrity, Menorah Park has adopted policies to protect against unlawful actions / activities. Menorah Park maintains the highest ethical standards and puts forth its best efforts to comply with both the letter and spirit of federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules and guidelines. You should report suspected illegal or unethical behavior, non-compliances, etc., to the Compliance Line:

(315) 446-9111 x421

Types of concerns to report:

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Medical Billing Irregularities

  • Safety, Health and Environmental Violations / Concerns

  • Threats to Property

  • Theft or Abuse of Menorah Park Property

  • Resident Privacy Rights

  • Resident Abuse

  • Ethical Standards Violations

  • Workplace Violence

  • Serious Policy Violations

  • Fraud / Embezzlement

  • Substance / Alcohol Abuse

Retaliation against any individual who reports a concern or potential violation is strictly prohibited. If you choose to identify yourself during the call, the Corporate Compliance Officer will talk to you directly regarding your concern. Every attempt will be made to
ensure anonymity should you so choose.
No Menorah Park employee is permitted to engage in retaliation or any form of harassment directed towards an individual who reports any concern in good faith. Any employee who engages in retaliation or harassment is subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.

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