Rothschild Adult Day Care is a medical model day care program serving adults with health care needs, including medical management, therapies, education, support, activities and social work. Efforts extend beyond the senior community and across cultural, physical and mental barriers
to create a positive atmosphere where everyone can achieve daily living skills.


  • Skilled nursing coordinated with primary care physician.
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Rehabilitation Therapies.
  • Social work and Case Management, including counseling, advocacy, home visitations
    and liaison with family.
  • Therapeutic activities, such as exercise, discussion groups, cooking, films, trips, guest speakers, creative crafts and music.
  • Assistance with personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Nutrition, e.g. nutritional assessment and monitoring, therapeutic diets designed on
    an individual basis, and morning / afternoon snack and hot lunch served daily.

Rothschild Cares

Rothschild professionals believe that through the coordinated services such as those offered by this program, daily living skills and quality of life issues will improve. The aim of the program is to challenge and provide opportunities that will maintain and improve levels of both physical and emotional functioning which in turn leads to living a more productive and fulfilling life in the community.


Rothschild Clients

  • Rothschild clients can attain and maintain adequate health that enables them to cope with living in the community.
  • Individuals recently discharged from a hospital or other health care facility are offered supportive services and follow-up.
  • People who have had an accident, stroke, or permanent or temporary disability are provided with both rehabilitation therapy and retraining in daily living skills.
  • We are open Monday through Friday, and Sunday. For more information 
    (315) 446-9111 x137 or x128

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