Mission Statement: Menorah Park is committed to offering services that enhance a person’s potential for wellness and independence.

Focus on Seven Dimensions of Wellness:



  • Involvement in physical activities to promote endurance, strengthening and flexibility.
  • Center for Innovative Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Geriatric Assessment and Case Management Pavilion
  • “Park within the Park” Walkways



  • Create and maintain healthy relationships by talking, sharing interests and actively participating in social events.
  • Jim & Arlene Gerber Bistro
  • Dorothy and Marshall Reisman Technology and Study Center
  • Solomon Family Center for Healthy Aging
  • Multi-Functioning Gathering Center
  • Judaic Heritage Center
  • Life Long Learning Programming



  • Learning is lifelong, our goal is to expand knowledge and skill base through a variety of educational resources and cultural programming.
  • Creative Arts and Life Long Learning Programming
  • Judaic Heritage Center
  • Educational Seminars (promoting healthy aging)
  • Technology Center



  • Support programming that allows participants to recognize and express feelings and behaviors. Improve stress management techniques, and work through grieving and loss.
  • Geriatric Assessment and Case Management Pavilion
  • Mental Health Promotion and Services
  • Creative Arts Programming
  • Soothing and tranquil architectural design features.



  • Provide solace to those seeking meaning and purpose. Demonstrating values through meditation, prayer and contemplation.
  • Judaic Heritage Center
  • Jewish Programming



  • Emphasizes the importance of achieving personal and occupational interests through hands on programming including: empowering elders to learn more about lifespan occupations, volunteering, as well as learning and developing new skills, hobbies or interests.
  • Technology Center
  • Life Long Learning Programs



  • Protect and improve elders personal living space and the environment at large; improving safety and accessibility to promote healthy aging and independence.
  • “Park within The Park” – gardens and walking paths linked to Menorah Park Campus
  • Indoor fountain
  • Soothing and tranquil architectural design.
  • Indoor Green Spaces

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