Rehabilitation services at the Jewish Health and Rehabilitation Center has an exemplary history of restoring independence and promoting well being. These restorative services make Menorah Park a first choice for many after a hip or
knee reconstruction or hospital stay. The following therapies supplement your rehabilitation:

Short Term Rehab:
Short Term Stays

There are times when people feel that even though their rehabilitation has ended they are not quite ready to manage at home independently. Most homes are not conducive to things like walkers, stairs and bathtubs. These things often make returning home an unsafe option. The Inn at Menorah Park is designed to accommodate these special needs. Personal care assistance is provided through a licensed home care agency that will design a care plan based on your specific needs upon discharge. We will continue to work with you to meet your goal of returning home safely. The Inn offers short term (2 to 6 week) stays in furnished studio apartments that offer the conveniences of meals, housekeeping and transportation and also the reassurance of medically trained staff 24/7. To learn more about short term stay options please call us at (315) 446-9111 x180.


Long Term Rehab:
Long Term Care Nursing Home

In addition to our rehabilitation, Menorah Park is home to many residents that need ongoing nursing supervision. Depending on their needs, our building has different areas to reflect the needs of our residents. Each section trains staff according to the needs of the residents served. We also schedule activities and social events to meet the needs of our residents.
First Floor unit of the Jewish Health and Rehabilitation Center focuses more on the needs of residents that are alert and oriented and socially active. This floor accommodates the needs of both long term care and rehabilitation residents.
Second Floor unit of the Jewish Health and Rehabilitation Center focuses more on the need of long term care residents that have higher clinical needs.


The Terrace:

A specially designed to meet the needs of residents with more advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our staff is trained to accommodate the special needs of this resident population, knowing that curing and redirection are often necessary to safely meet the needs of our residents. Our activity programming is designed to meet the needs of residents, by having several activities throughout the day that are designed to engage and stimulate residents with memory loss.

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