Physical Therapy (PT)

Each new resident will be given an evaluation at which time a care plan will be developed with a list of desired rehabilitation goals. At that time we will also establish a therapy schedule which will normally include one to two sessions of therapy daily. Most patients
will be receiving therapy five to six days per week. Throughout your therapy you will be
given “in room” exercise assignments to coincide with the work you are doing in the gym. Verbal progress reports will be given to rehabilitation patients regularly so they can note
their progress and track their therapy goals. Your physical therapist will also play a key role
in the coordination of your discharge. We want your transition from the Jewish Health and Rehabilitation Center to home to be successful and safe! The recommendations of the therapist will include any adaptive equipment necessary to facilitate you with your mobility and independent lifestyle.
Physical Therapy Department can be reached by calling (315) 446-9111 x194.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

This therapy is important to optimize your functional status, maximizing your ability to successfully manage everyday activities, including: bed mobility, toileting, bathing, and proper usage of appropriate adaptive equipment. You will work regularly in the gym with your therapist and be given “in room” therapy assignments to practice the skills learned in the gym.
Vision Care: Our vision therapist will discuss your eye care and vision needs. Please communicate any diagnosis such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes or cataracts. Residents may be entitled to a functional vision assessment based on need. We can also adjust your glasses or assist you with vision related issues.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy: Upon request from a physician or our medical team, residents may qualify for speech therapy to assist with speech or swallowing issues. Special diets to accommodate swallowing needs are also available.
Audiology: Upon request from a physician or our medical team, residents may qualify for an audiology evaluation. We can assist with consultation or hearing aids.

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