Update: January 8

Menorah Park COVID-19 Status – Updated January 8, 2021 Status
JH Residents ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 and moved to dedicated COVID unit 4
JH Residents tested positive for COVID-19 and transferred to outside facilities 0
JH Residents ONSITE RECOVERED and transferred off of the dedicated  COVID-19 unit 4
Number of nursing units impacted 0
JH Residents ONSITE  under investigation for COVID-19 symptoms 0
Resident deaths on dedicated COVID unit after testing positive 2
JH staff members ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 0
Menorah Park staff members positive for COVID-19, SELF-QUARANTINED* 8
Total # of  resident positive COVID 19 cases (as of November 20) 10
Total # of staff positive COVID-19 cases ( as of November 8) 23

* This includes the Jewish Home and The Inn

At this time Menorah Park has no other confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus which includes the Jewish Home, the Inn, and the Oaks.

Two Inn Staffers Test Positive
As of yesterday afternoon, two staff members of The Inn have tested positive for COVID-19. They are self-quarantining at home for the required 14 days. They will be required to have a negative COVID test before they are permitted to return to work. We are monitoring residents and staff for signs and symptoms. We continue to do everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID throughout our community including:

  • Full-time staff tested twice a week, part-time staff, once a week
  • Residents restricted to their floors; enforced social distancing and masks in common areas
  • Ongoing staff education and reinforcement of proper use of PPE, handwashing, and wearing masks.

Inn COVID Vaccination Update
We are rapidly preparing for the deployment of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and our pharmacy partner, Walgreens, will be supporting us in managing this through three, on-site vaccination clinics.  Clinics will begin on Thursday, January 21.  The vaccines will be administered by trained, licensed professionals (including pharmacists) from Walgreens. Following administration, all recipients will be closely monitored for the recommended 15 minutes as well as throughout the day.

Doses are administered  21 days apart. If a resident decides to pass on the first dose, they will have an opportunity to receive their first dose at the second clinic. Over the next week, Matt will be working to secure residents’ consent, either from the residents themselves or through the appropriate primary contact. Everyone receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is required by law to have, on file, signed (or documented verbally) evidence of informed-consent being provided.  This consent must be obtained before a vaccine can be administered.

At this time, these vaccines are not required or mandatory.  However,  we are strongly urging both residents and staff to get vaccinated.

Inn Vaccine Information
Clinic #1: January 21
Clinic #2: February 11
Clinic #3: March 4

Times: 8:45 am – 9:00 am

Location: Inn social room, 3rd floor

If you have any questions, please email Matt at  mlefever@menorahparkofcny.com


Second Vaccination Clinic for Jewish Home, Tuesday, January 12
HealthDirect, our partner, in the Federal Vaccination Program,  will be at our facility on Tuesday, January 12 to continue to administer the COVID-19 vaccination. This second clinic will provide the opportunity for residents to receive either their first or second dose of the vaccine.

  • Residents who participated in the clinic on December 22 will automatically be registered and scheduled for their second dose on January 12, unless you decide to opt-out of dose #2. If you wish to opt-out, please notify your nurse manager.
  • Residents who did not participate in the December 22 clinic AND provided a verbal declination to our nursing staff in regard to the Vaccination Program, require no further action.
  • Residents who did not participate in the December 22 clinic, but wish to receive dose #1 of the vaccination are required to have a consent form.
  • Residents who receive dose #1 on January 12, will receive dose #2 on February 2, 2021, when HealthDirect returns to our facility.

Please direct any questions regarding the vaccination deployment to your nurse manager or Courtney Stevenson, Assistant Director of Nursing at CStevenson@menorahparkofcny.com


Vaccine Information Resources

We understand that you may have questions about this process as well as the vaccines themselves. Please see the following links to the CDC and Pfizer websites to help answer some of your questions.




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