Updates: July 16


Menorah Park COVID-19 Status – Updated July 16, 2020 Status
JH Residents ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 and moved to dedicated COVID unit 0
JH Residents tested positive for COVID-19 and transferred to outside facilities 0
JH Residents ONSITE RECOVERED and transferred off of the dedicated  COVID-19 unit 9
JH Residents RECOVERED and transferred back from outside facilities (as of  5/29) 11
Number of nursing units impacted 0
JH Residents ONSITE  under investigation for COVID-19 symptoms 0
Resident deaths ONSITE due to COVID-19 9
Resident deaths at outside facilities after testing positive for COVID-19 5
JH/Inn staff members ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 0
Staff members positive for COVID-19, SELF-QUARANTINED  0
Total # of  resident positive COVID 19 cases (as of April 29) 34
Total # of staff positive COVID-19 cases ( as of May 1) 42

At this time Menorah Park has no other confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus which includes the Terrace, the Inn, and the Oaks.


Family Visitation of Resident Who Is Actively Dying or Deceased   

For our families who have loved ones here who are actively dying or who have passed, we feel it is very important that they are given the opportunity to come to Menorah Park to spend precious time with their loved ones,  in order to say good-bye and to grieve, privately.  That is why Menorah Park is working very hard to ensure that families are given that valuable time.

Sadly, we are still in the midst of an active pandemic. To safely allow visitation while protecting our vulnerable population, we must follow NYSDOH  regulations which state that ONLY 2 family members are permitted to visit their loved one. Once they enter the facility, following the screening, they are to go directly to the resident’s room and remain in the room until they leave the facility.  Visitors are not permitted to be in shared spaces ( common areas, dining rooms, etc.) This is to help minimize the risk of exposure to other residents.


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