A Coronavirus Shabbat

A Special Message from Donald J. Shulman President & CEO, Association of Jewish Aging Services

Colleagues, as we enter into another Shabbat during this unprecedented health crisis, I wanted to share some thoughts and a Shabbat prayer of strength and peace.

Pair of candles in silver holders for shabbat

Dear G-d,

As we enter Shabbat please comfort our residents who are infirmed, ill and alone without the comforting presence of those who love them.

Comfort our families and friends in their anguish as they are separated from the people who give life meaning in these greatest hours of need.

Help us to reach out in love and compassion to one another unable to leave their homes or those who are struggling financially.

Be with our doctors and caregivers and all of our service employees who come to work every day with an enthusiastic spirit of service, compassion and love as they serve, with affection, in respect for our mission of Honoring our Fathers and Mothers.

Give us strength in these days and weeks ahead to find the inner strength when our nerves are tested and when we are surrounded by fear and anxiety.
As we enter this Shabbat as a community united, albeit separated by miles, let us remember that when we cannot reach out in comfort with our hands let us reach out with our hearts.

Shabbat Shalom, everyone!

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