Social Services and Research in Syracuse, New York

Menorah Park of CNY has been committed to improving the lives of older adults in the Syracuse, New York area for more than 100 years. That mission extends to all individuals living in Central New York with social services dedicated to healthier communities and research focused on the needs of the aging. With the Syracuse Jewish Family Service and Rodney and Marjorie Fink Institute at Menorah Park for Applied Research on Aging, we assist individuals throughout the area in achieving greater independence and a higher quality of life.

Syracuse Jewish Family Service

The Syracuse Jewish Family Service (SJFS) is CNY’s most trusted expert on issues of aging or the developmental process that begins at birth and continues throughout our lives. In keeping with this philosophy.

Social Services and Research

SJFSs the CNY region’s go-to agency for expertise on aging issues. The multi-disciplinarian clinical and case management team bring expertise dedicated to the holistic, wellness-oriented integration of health and social services for the adult senior.  SJFS provides experienced support to older adults living at home as well as their families with wellness and healthy aging learning opportunities, while helping the adult senior navigate day-to-day challenges, including dementia.

Available services include:

We also provide education and training to healthcare professionals, aging services, and the general public. SJFS works with local accredited programs to learn more about aging issues in order to provide better care for individuals within the community. Research and education opportunities include:

SJFS aims to help individuals and families alike as they strive to achieve self-determination, improve well-being, and live with dignity. Programs are guided by values of family, respect, community, and autonomy and delivered to any CNY resident regardless of race or creed.

Rodney and Marjorie Fink Institute at Menorah Park for Applied Research on Aging

The Rodney and Marjorie Fink Institute at Menorah Park for Applied Research on Aging (IMPARA) keeps the Menorah Park of CNY community at the leading edge of care for older adults. The organization’s mission is to support and promote the study of aging by working in partnership with other area institutions, agencies, and care providers. IMPARA strives to:

Through these efforts, IMPARA seeks to improve gerontological knowledge at every level of care and in all support services, preparing a workforce skilled in the issues of aging and creating positive economic impact throughout CNY.

To learn more, see the IMPARA Symposium on Technology and Aging.

Learn More about Social Work and Aging Research in CNY

Through our innovative programs, social work outreach, and ongoing research, Menorah Park of CNY works toward a thriving community for individuals of all ages and greater services and support for aging adults. Contact us today to learn more about SJFS, IMPARA, and our commitment to issues of aging in CNY. For additional information about our continuum of care and other programs, please call 315.446.9111 to speak with a member of our team.

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