Assisted Living Aging Research In Syracuse, NY

Menorah Park of CNY conducts aging research to better support patients and families with assisted living care. We partner with local institutions to investigate new methods and resources for serving aging adults. Our commitment to individualized service and the continuum of care enables us to provide exceptional assisted living programs for people throughout the Syracuse, NY area.

Aging Research At Menorah Park Of CNY

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Since getting older comes with multiple uncertainties, many aging adults and their loved ones have questions about this phase of their lives. At Menorah Park of CNY, our goal is to ensure residents and their families obtain the information and services solutions they need to have peace of mind about aging. To accomplish this objective, we work closely with several organizations providing social services and research in Syracuse, NY, including:

Syracuse Jewish Family Service

Syracuse Jewish Family Service at Menorah Park of CNY offers various services for aging adults, including resources to help them navigate the aging journey. Many of its programs deliver continuous assistance and opportunities for education to older adults with long-term needs. Some of these long-term services include:

Syracuse Jewish Family Service also offers services for aging adults with short-term care needs. These programs help you handle difficulties with aging within a structured time frame. The two short-term services include:

Alongside these aging programs, Syracuse Jewish Family Service also provides customized and flexible services, like Activity Companions and Project Secure: Supporting the Experience of Upstate Region Elders.

The Rodney And Marjorie Fink Institute

In 2010, Rodney and Marjorie Fink made a generous donation to Menorah Park of CNY, allowing us to open the research institute in their name. This organization compiles the scientific research of fellow partnerships, local agencies, spiritual groups, and other providers to offer various scholarly reading materials, studies, and general support for assisted living communities. The institute collaborates with Menorah Park of CNY to provide valuable resources for those who wish to know more about aging and adapting for their loved ones.

Between these regional connections and supportive staff members, Menorah Park of CNY delivers a wellspring of high-quality resources regarding aging research to individuals and families.

Aging Research We Perform

Menorah Park of CNY believes in continuous improvement for our senior community, and the Rodney and Marjorie Fink Institute makes this possible. This organization supports specialized research on aging at Menorah Park of CNY and works with local institutions to conduct analysis and experimentation. Some of the groups the research institute collaborates with include:

As a relatively new institute, The Rodney and Marjorie Fink Institute continually seek ways to broaden our research methodologies. While a significant portion of their focus is support for aging adults and geriatric mental health, they also dedicate resources to informal and direct long-term caregivers. Indeed, their services provide future generations with the highest level of training and education to work as long-term care workers at Menorah Park of CNY.

Discover Resourceful Aging Research At Menorah Park Of CNY

Aging research is a valuable asset for assisted living and nursing home communities because it allows them to update their services for residents and their families continually. Those seeking an assisted living facility that participates in reliable and dedicated aging research should turn to Menorah Park of CNY.

With experienced staffing and participation of regional institutions, we can provide high-quality care tailored to meet the needs of our senior residents. The research these organizations conduct grants us a deeper understanding of the aging process and enables us to provide better resources and more effective care to aging individuals. Contact us today to learn more about our trustworthy senior living community in the Syracuse, NY area.

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