A Message to our Community: SJFS and the COVID-19 response

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We may have woken up this week to a “new normal” in terms of how we operate, but we at Syracuse Jewish Family Service (SJFS) are moving forward with the same mission: strengthening lives in our community. And we know our work today is more critical than ever. How we will serve our community in the coming weeks, and perhaps months, will look different.

You’ve been there for us, supporting our mission through financial gifts and volunteering. Today we’re here for you. Many people in our community who never expected to need assistance from SJFS are likely facing hardships caused by the coronavirus. To help those people, and to continue serving our existing clients, we are coordinating our efforts to provide vital services.

Please let us know if you could use help with food, counseling, information about COVID-19 practices and resources, or you could just use a friendly phone call.

We are here to help. If you or a loved one needs help now, please contact SJFS at CommunityResource@sjfs.org, or call 315-446-9111, x226.

Our staff is working creatively to deliver the support and care we have always provided, and to meet the new challenges of the day. Here are some of the ways we are working right now to support the community:

Kosher Meals on Wheels continues to deliver and is accepting new clients. KMOW delivers any-where in Onondaga County, 11-noon MWF, providing 7 lunches/dinners per week, including special medical diets. The County expanded COVID-19 criteria for free meals: 55+ and unable to shop/cook for self. For KMOW ONLY: To register or for more information call Deborah Ellis at 315-446-9111 x234, or email her.

Community Volunteer-Assistance Clearinghouse. SJFS is providing a clearinghouse to match local community requests for assistance with offers to provide it. We will work to find ways to trouble-shoot needs as they emerge. What we know so far:

  • Delivery Help: SJFS needs help delivering Kosher Meals on Wheels. We will prioritize offers including a commitment of at least 1 day/week for at least 8 weeks (barring unforeseen circumstances).
  • Phone Reassurance Touchpoints: There are many people sheltering in place,both old and young, who would welcome some telephone contact with the outside world.
  • Menorah Park campus residents: During this unprecedented shut-down of the campus to visitors, SJFS is offering liaison between campus residents and families, and families and the institution. We are asking families to appoint one “point of contact” for our SJFS staff to connect with; our staff will funnel the family’s questions and requests for specific attention and services.

Can you help? Do you need help? Please contact Nancy Bloeser at CommunityResource@sjfs.org, or call her at 315-446-9111, x226. Please specify whether you are requesting or offering assistance, give a brief description or the need or offer, and let us know the best way and time to contact you.

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