Depression screening is an important first step toward you or your loved one getting the professional care and support that’s needed.

Depression screening is essential for identifying mental health concerns, empowering people to work with health care professionals to create a personalized care plan.

If you or a loved one are looking for depression screening near Syracuse, NY or surrounding areas for seniors, Menorah Park of CNY is here to help.

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Why Menorah Park of CNY for Depression Screening in Syracuse, NY?

Depression isn’t something that you can just think away. Because of this, you or your loved one will need more than just answering a few questions online for an effective depression screening.

At Menorah Park of CNY, our care professionals have the experience and specialized medical knowledge to conduct an actionable depression screening for seniors.

Beyond conducting a depression screening, Menorah Park of CNY can develop a personalized plan to effectively manage depression symptoms.

As depression is also related to a wide variety of other medical conditions, Menorah Park of CNY’s continuum of care campus is uniquely qualified to provide the support you or your loved one needs.

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Depression Screening That Includes PHQ 9 and More

depression screening near syracuse ny phq 9 from menorah park of cnyPHQ 9 is a standardized depression screening questionnaire. While PHQ 9 is a part of Menorah Park of CNY’s depression screening process, we go beyond simply using the PHQ 9 questionnaire.

Menorah Park of CNY’s care professionals use PHQ 9 combined with their specialized medical knowledge to conduct depression screening and to inform the creation of a care plan.

Depression Screening Specifically for Seniors

For generations, Menorah Park of CNY has been there to help people transition as they age.

Our continuum of care means that we provide professional care and support for all stages of aging and as medical conditions further develop.

A depression screening may find that a change in living situation is necessary to most effectively treat depression, its related symptoms and other associated medical conditions.

With Menorah Park of CNY, you can be confident that you or your loved one have the right amount of support and assistance while at the same time respecting independence.

For independent living senior apartments, consider The Oaks at Menorah Park of CNY.

depression screening near syracuse ny independent living at menorah park of cny

At The Oaks, seniors live on their own with offered services to make life easier, including a daily continental breakfast, dinner with menu choices served Monday – Saturday, valet parking, snow and ice removal, weekly transportation to grocery stores and more.

Over time, we all need help. Our assisted living facility, The Inn, provides the support you or your loved one need. This includes, but is not limited to:

As conditions progress and nursing home care is necessary, our Jewish Health and Rehabilitation Center provides nursing home residents with optimum care in a home-like setting.

Menorah Park of CNY is the Best Place for Seniors to Get Depression Screening near Syracuse, NY

Getting better and feeling better starts with depression screening at Menorah Park of CNY.

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