“One who gives charity in secret is greater than Moshe Rabbeinu.”

As our community continues to battle the current crisis, we cannot forget the continued sacrifice, strength and courage of frontline healthcare workers.  We are especially grateful to the staff of Menorah Park, who are caring for our seniors and other vulnerable persons. They are working very long hours and displaying true devotion to the isolated and lonely residents.

To help them out, Federation set up a Matan b’Seter – Giving in Secret – food cabinet.  It is based on an ancient Jewish tradition: the room in the courtyard of the Temple, where donors would deposit gifts and others would take what they needed, all in secret. Federation’s Matan b’Seter cabinet will provide Menorah Park staff with basic food items. 

We hope that the Jewish community will join Federation in bringing food in cans and plastic jars (no glass, to prevent breakage), and packaged foods and treats (no chocolate, to prevent melting) for the Menorah Park staff and their families, the seniors in the Ahavath Achim apartments and anyone suffering food insufficiency.  (EAST TO HEAT AND EAT ITEMS, LIKED CANNED SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS, MAC & CHEESE AND PASTA BOWLS SEEM TO BE THE MOST POPULAR ITEMS.)

So many in our Jewish community have asked how they can help.  This is a way to show compassion and concern for those who are in the front lines in this difficult time.  The cabinet is located near the mikvah at Menorah Park on the right-hand side as you pull up the driveway.  Anyone may donate to the cabinet and anyone may take from it.  (Please wear masks and gloves.)  If you would like to help alleviate food insufficiency during this crisis, please feel free to donate at any time or take, if you need it.

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