New Visitation Guidelines – July 13, 2021

Visitation Guidelines

The governor has cancelled the State of Emergency for the pandemic; below are the newly issued Nursing Home Visitation Guidelines.

New Rules effective July 13, 2021 (supersedes all other guidelines)

  1. There is no longer a restriction on who can visit. Hours for visitation are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM seven days a week.
  2. The facility is required by regulation to track all visitors and assure they are following INFECTION CONTROL PRINCIPLES.


  • Filling out the COVID screening form & take temperature for all visitors upon entrance to the facility. Families must wear a mask, may take it off in the resident’s room if all in the room are vaccinated.
  • Families are allowed to enter the resident room but may not leave the room until the visit is over. Families must walk directly out of the facility after the visit.
  • Families are allowed to have no more than 2 family members in the room at one time.
  • Visits are to be about one hour in length so that we can accommodate large numbers of family wanting to visit per day.
  • For larger groups: families may use the veranda or the shul. Families may also go outside for larger groups of visitors. For outside visits please give us 48-hour notice so that we may have appropriate clothing, sunscreen etc. ready.
  • We are offering free COVID testing to families (contact @ 315-446-9111 ext. 168)
  • The NYS Ombudsman and survey team are allowed in the facility at any time.

             Warning: families not adhering to the core principals of infection control will be asked to immediately leave the facility.  Repeated violations can affect your visitation.  The rules are in place to keep our facility infection rates as one of the lowest in Syracuse. Plus, it’s now a NYS regulation.

Scheduling a Visit

The new visitation rules require that the facility maintain infection control principals as outlined by the federal government Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regulations.

In order to be in compliance with these new regulations, the facility will have ALL visits scheduled via our website.

  • Go to Menorah Park website. Click on COVID at the top of the page and it will take you to the open visitation spots. Click on the time you want and follow the instructions.
  • Additional spots have been added so that as many families can visit per day while maintaining a safe environment for both residents and families.
  • We encourage all families to have just one appointment per day so that other residents can have visitors.
  • Zoom visits are still available by appointment.

Vaccinated visitors vs. unvaccinated visitors;

Vaccinated visitors may go into a semiprivate room or a private room for the visit. Outside visitation is also an available option.

Unvaccinated visitors may go into a private room for a visit.  If the resident is in a semiprivate room the visit is to be scheduled in the Shul or Veranda.  Outside visitation is also an available option.

Visiting hours are 10 AM to 6 PM seven days per week

Why do we have to schedule visits?

  • In order to maintain Infection Control Principals.
  • We must keep all residents safe, and know where all visitors are located in the building.
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