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A nutritious diet is vital for senior citizens, as it provides them with daily energy and helps them sustain a healthy lifestyle. Menorah Park of CNY offers numerous dining options at our campus, including in-home food services, to ensure residents receive delicious and nutritious meals throughout the day. Learn more about our services in Syracuse, New York.

Senior Nutrition And Why It Matters

Eating well is crucial for people regardless of their age, but nutrition requirements change at different stages in our lives. As people get older, their bodies require some nutrients more than others. Aging adults should consume the following foods to maintain a well-rounded diet:
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Dining Options For Residents

Our dedicated staff recognizes the importance of a nutritious diet for seniors and provides meals featuring multiple options from these key food groups. The different dining selections at our facilities include:

A light mealThe Oaks At Menorah Park of CNY

At our independent living community, The Oaks, residents can choose to eat in our dining room or in the comfort of their apartment. We serve kosher meals at dinners every night and for Sunday brunch, and offer daily lunches at the Courtyard Café. The menu changes regularly to give residents new choices for meals. View The Oaks sample menu to see what a typical meal includes.

The Inn At Menorah Park of CNY

At The Inn, residents receive meals catered to their distinct nutritional needs. Our staff works with each resident to make a meal plan that provides them with the highest nutrition and keeps their health conditions, restrictions, and medications in mind. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily in the three dining rooms at The Inn. Check out our sample menu to review a day of meal choices.

Jewish Health Rehabilitation Center

Individuals staying in the rehabilitation center at Menorah Park of CNY obtain three delicious, kosher-friendly meals every day. Residents can have these meals at the dining hall or eat non-kosher foods in the comfort of their rooms. Additionally, we can customize entrées to meet a resident’s unique dietary requirements, such as low cholesterol, low sodium, and consistent carbohydrate intake.

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Find A Continuum Of Care At Menorah Park Of CNY

Without quality nutrition, senior citizens struggle to enjoy the aging stage of their lives. At Menorah Park of CNY, we ensure residents across each facility obtain the nutrients they need to fuel their bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to acquire more information on senior nutrition and dining services for aging adults in Syracuse, NY.

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