What role can you play at OMA-thon?

There are three roles at OMA-thon:

*Elder Artist (no training required) – this role is open to anyone who wants to learn and experience the benefits of OMA first-hand; you don’t need to be elder or an artist!

*Volunteer Facilitator – no experience or art background is necessary, but training is required (it’s free!).  You’ll need to commit to attending two 1.5-hour training sessions with SJFS staff before the event on the basics of dementia, the OMA philosophy, and methods and skills for facilitating an OMA session.  ***The two dates are Weds, Oct 4, at noon or 5:30 pm (in person at Menorah Park or remote) and Weds, Nov 8, at noon or 5:30pm (in person only at Menorah Park).**

*Observer (no training required) – join us November 12 to see how OMA works

Your role, including training session selection for our Volunteer Facilitator, can be selected on our registration page here! (be sure to scroll down to the registration form!)

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