Shining Stars in the Sky 2021
This is our tribute to the remarkable staff of Menorah Park of CNY.  Even though we won’t be together in person, you can choose to donate the cost of your ticket to benefit Menorah Park and take this opportunity to let our staff know how much we appreciate all that they are doing, and all they have done!  Every day, we hear about our staff going above and beyond their daily responsibilities to keep our loved ones safe and protected.  Please help us try to thank our remarkable Menorah Park staff as you make your donation and share your words in honor of our staff.  We will publish the tributes both in print and online.  Thank you!!

Special thanks to Steven and Robin Sisskind who have co-chaired Our Shining Stars for the past 16 years!
We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work, dedication, and support in making this a truly wonderful event.

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