Update: January 20

Menorah Park COVID-19 Status – Updated January 20, 2021 Status
JH Residents ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 and moved to dedicated COVID unit 2
Oaks Residents tested positive for COVID-19 and transferred to outside facilities 1
JH Residents ONSITE RECOVERED and transferred off of the dedicated  COVID-19 unit 7
Facilities impacted ++ 1
JH Residents ONSITE  under investigation for COVID-19 symptoms 0
Resident deaths on dedicated COVID unit after testing positive 2
JH staff members ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 0
Menorah Park staff members positive for COVID-19, SELF-QUARANTINED* 12
Total # of  resident positive COVID 19 cases (since November 20)## 14
Total # of staff positive COVID-19 cases ( since November 8) 30

++The Oaks
* This includes the Jewish Home, The Inn, and The Oaks
##This includes the Jewish Home and The Oaks

Additional Positive Cases at The Oaks
Today two more staff members at The Oaks have tested positive.  Both individuals are currently quarantining off-campus and will not return until they have completed their required isolation period and test negative. A total of two residents at the Oaks have tested positive; one (reported on January 12) is still in isolation and one (reported today) has been transferred to an outside facility. We continue to monitor staff and residents for signs and symptoms.

We continue to remain diligent in our efforts to prevent its spread by:

  • Temping all staff and visitors upon entrance
  • Restricting non-essential visitors from the building
  • Enforcing social distancing and masks in common spaces
  • Restricting activities to smaller, safely-distanced groups
  • Ongoing resident and staff education and reinforcement of proper use of masks,  regular handwashing, hand sanitizer use, and wearing masks in ALL common spaces
  • Ongoing enhanced disinfection and cleaning of common spaces
  • Closed dining room
  • Delivery of ALL meals to residents’ rooms

As always, we encourage our families AND residents to continue taking the steps to keep themselves and their loved ones safe: wearing a mask, safely distancing, regular handwashing and limiting unnecessary public outings.

Vaccine Status
We continue to work with Kinney Drugs to identify a date when we can set up a clinic at The Oaks, and we will update you as this progresses.

Please contact Patricia at 449.3309, x103, or oaksdirector@menorahparkofcny.com with any questions or concerns.


Inn COVID Vaccination Update
We are rapidly preparing for the deployment of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and our pharmacy partner, Walgreens, will be supporting us in managing this through three, on-site vaccination clinics.  Clinics begin tomorrow,  Thursday, January 21.  The vaccines will be administered by trained, licensed professionals (including pharmacists) from Walgreens. Following administration, all recipients will be closely monitored for the recommended 15 minutes as well as throughout the day.

Doses are administered  21 days apart. If a resident decides to pass on the first dose, they will have an opportunity to receive their first dose at the second clinic. Over the next week, Matt will be working to secure residents’ consent, either from the residents themselves or through the appropriate primary contact. Everyone receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is required by law to have, on file, signed (or documented verbally) evidence of informed-consent being provided.  This consent must be obtained before a vaccine can be administered.

At this time, these vaccines are not required or mandatory.  However,  we are strongly urging both residents and staff to get vaccinated.

Inn Vaccine Information
Clinic #1: January 21
Clinic #2: February 11
Clinic #3: March 4

Times: 8:45 am – 9:00 am

Location: Inn Social Room, 3rd floor

If you have any questions, please email Matt at  mlefever@menorahparkofcny.com

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