Updates: July 30

Menorah Park COVID-19 Status – Updated July 30,  2020 Status
JH Residents ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 and moved to dedicated COVID unit 0
JH Residents tested positive for COVID-19 and transferred to outside facilities 0
JH Residents ONSITE RECOVERED and transferred off of the dedicated  COVID-19 unit 9
JH Residents RECOVERED and transferred back from outside facilities (as of  5/29) 11
Number of nursing units impacted 0
JH Residents ONSITE  under investigation for COVID-19 symptoms 0
Resident deaths ONSITE due to COVID-19 9
Resident deaths at outside facilities after testing positive for COVID-19 5
Staff members ONSITE testing positive for COVID-19 0
Staff members positive for COVID-19, SELF-QUARANTINED  0
Total # of  resident positive COVID 19 cases (as of April 29) 34
Total # of staff positive COVID-19 cases ( as of May 1) 43

At this time Menorah Park has no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus which includes the Terrace, the Inn, and the Oaks.



Family Visit Safety

We understand how difficult this has been for families and residents. However, we need our families to remember that we are still in the midst of an active pandemic. The safety and well -being of our residents and staff is something that we take very seriously. We cannot emphasize enough how important infection control protocols are including wearing a mask and maintaining an appropriate social distance.

Until we open for in-person visits at the Jewish Home, we will continue to schedule drive-ups.   Drive ups are what they imply – driving up to see your loved one, while remaining in your car, with a mask on.  Although we realize it is hard for people to hear under the best of circumstances and even more challenging when wearing a mask, YOU MUST KEEP YOUR MASK OVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH at all times.  This includes (and is even more critically important) when you are speaking to your loved one!  Recently we have had family members who have attempted to or actually exited their vehicles and ignored the social distancing rules. This disregard for the rules not only has the potential to harm our residents’ and staffs’ health and safety, it jeopardizes our ability to continue having these visits. How unfortunate for the families who are working with us to stay safe, if we were forced to stop all visitation because of the inconsideration of a few. Our staff does not wish to be in the role of “policing” these visits but the expectation is that all families will respect and follow the established process for these visits.


Drive-up guidelines:

  • ALL family members must wear a mask over nose and mouth at all times
  • Visits will last approximately 15 minutes
  • Jewish Home (1st and 2nd floors) families will drive up to the main entrance and remain in their cars
  • Terrace families will park their cars and walk to the outside of the Terrace patio fence; staff will bring residents onto the patio for the visit
  • ALL residents must remain at least 6 feet away from their family members
  • At present, we request that no more than 4 family members attend each visit. As able, SJFS will work with you to schedule additional visits as needed
  • Families who show up without a scheduled visit time will not be accommodated
  • To ensure the safety of our residents and staff, SJFS reserves the right to terminate the visit if necessary.

We are hopeful that on August 10, we will be able to begin in-person visits and we look forward to seeing our families and residents connect on a more “in-person” level.


Inn Family Visits
Family members of Inn residents should schedule their visits through Matt LeFever, Inn Director, at 446-9111, ext. 180.  Please call between 2 and 4 PM. There are 4 available times Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:  10 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM, and 3 PM. Visitors must report to the front desk to complete health screening questions. Visits will take place on the patio of the Inn. In case of rain or extreme heat, visits will be held on the Veranda.


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